Interdisciplinary Art + Design

Group Project

In CCS’s Interdisciplinary Art + Design program, thinkers, makers and doers forge their own paths as they investigate and ultimately redefine the boundaries of contemporary art and design.

The program provides a dynamic, studio-based art and design program that combines the strengths of our renowned studio disciplines with strategic mentoring and a flexible curriculum structure so you can experience a course of study tailored to your unique skills and goals.

Our program offers maximum flexibility for students whose interests do not fit into the categories of a traditional visual arts education and who aim to explore theory in conjunction with studio practice.

Numbers that matter


rankings labeling CCS as one of the top art and design schools in the nation


curriculum allows you to integrate multiple majors


Sustainability is incorporated in most courses with more in-depth consideration embedded in major studio courses.


Flexibility makes Interdisciplinary Art + Design a great choice for transfer students

Make ● Play ● Think


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